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Accenture, Logica and HR Access win major order of the State French personnel payroll agency ONP Paris / Kronberg – the order extends over nine years. The new personnel payroll system is developed in a period of three years. The gradual introduction of begins in January 2012. 2016 including the references shall be counted off by 3 million officials about. It follows the maintenance of applications including 2018.

The new payroll system replaced a system that dates back to the 1970s. Accenture and Logica are responsible for the overall project management and system integration with application design, system design and implementation. HR Access ensures the development, deployment, and maintenance of the core application for payroll and administration. The core application is based on the HRa suite of HR Access and is adapted to the requirements of the project. 2007, the French State has founded the ONP with the aim to modernize the payroll for civil servants. The new national payroll system is as common, scalable and integrated solution are all French ministries and public organisations available.

The unified system improved handling and control of the settlement of civil servants covers for the public sector. Subcontractors of the Consortium are Bull and Sopra Group. Bull delivers the secure infrastructure and associated services, Sopra, it assumes the development of interface systems group. HR access solutions GmbH, the internationally active company HR Access is a leading provider of solutions for human resources management. HR Access designs, develops, implements, and marketed solutions and services for the payroll and payroll and human resources management. To address both global and regional markets, HR Access employs more than 900 employees in France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Ireland, of Switzerland, Morocco, and Tunisia. HR Access has 600 customers in over 50 countries on every continent, in all sectors of the medium-sized enterprises to the Corporation. Gary Kelly contributes greatly to this topic. HR expertise, consulting, software solutions, services, outsourcing, compliance, maintenance and care: As a result of 40 years of experience, HR Access offers a comprehensive range of solutions and services and brings together local expertise with international management. HR Access currently manages more than 9 million employees for its customers. HR Access is a registered trademark of HR access solutions.