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Configuration Materials

With such a layout in one form combine different fonts and graphics. All kinds of jobbing work is usually divided into three groups: the accidental production publishing, including book and magazine and special types of publications – brochures, booklets, catalogs, and others; afishno-banner products and accidental production of small forms – invitations, letterheads, shipping documents, business cards and many other types of 'little things'. 2. Configuration Materials: Direct (every material – rectangular columns are the same height). This layout looks strictly and is used most often in the imposition of literary and art publications, textbooks, newspapers and certain types of magazines.

Direct imposition calmer and easier to broken in the perception of readers, has a restrained. polygonal (mainly materials stepped form, speakers of different-sized in height). This type of layout is more complicated in performance, but this way is achieved the dynamics of the publication. Used mainly in newspapers, on the pages of fashion magazines, etc. 3. According to the location of materials relative to the center of the band – vertical or horizontal line dividing the strip into 2 equal parts. Layout is symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical layout, if it is not formal, visually balancing the opposite side of the band, made the call and their content validity.

Asymmetry, due to its dynamism, clearly underlines the important thing on the strip. 4. The width of the column material: a constant (the same number of columns of the same size) and variable. 5. For location of text and illustrations Material: open – images placed at the top or bottom of each strip.