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Comforting Mother

The cross is the maximum expression of the glory, of the merciful love of the Divine People for us. In the extreme disaster it is the maximum favour, the glorious expression of the gratuitous, merciful love of the Divine Family for the human beings. Cause swims more admiration, exultao, astonishment; nothing he is more glorious than the small one to become great, the rich one to become poor, the saint to become pecador, you blame to assume them of the pecadores, for gratuitous love for them, to save them of the inevitable death. This is the glory of God disclosed in the incarnate Verb, ' ' glory that the Only Son has, ab perpetual, next to the Father and the God Mother, full of favour and verdade' '. The Father and Gods Mother are joined to the Son in qunose of the Trindade imanente and in qunose of the economic Trindade, of the incarnation to the cross. Therefore in Divine family everything is common, is allotment, mutual service, dom of the life of each Person to the others: ' ' Everything that is mine is of the Father and God Mother; everything that is of Pai and Ruah is mine. The Comforting Mother will remember you everything that I taught to you. It will not speak for itself, but in my Name, and will say everything what he heard of me, as I say everything that heard of my Pai' ' Jo 14 or 16. When assuming the condition human being in the womb of Maria, Jesus became member of the family human being, in them it made members of its Body and the divine Family. ' ' When the fullness of the time arrived, God sent its Son to the world, born of woman, so that we received the adoption branch office, in relation to the Father, the God Mother and the mother Maria.