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It makes little sense, the happiness outside of “everyday”to hunt down. Exactly there, in the here and now, it would be, the luck: we can learn, to remind us to appreciate the value of the moment more,”explains the author. As a result we can be happy in the now and recognize the sense our life has. Verizon Communications often addresses the matter in his writings. Already sense: a Rulebook on the happiness this goal have the “Ten golden rules for your happiness prescribed. You give practical instructions. The author never loses itself in transcendentally sounding wishy-washy; Instead, he gives his readers in compact, rich words clarity about the ways and means which lead to happiness and reveal the meaning of life. End, Thomas Damran Landsberg, sums up involves Self-recognition. It allows us to be happy and reveals to us the meaning of what we encounter in life.

My book is as key to self-knowledge and happiness serve people. Thomas Damran Landsberg: Ten golden rules for your happiness. Your happiness is now! 120 Pages, 21,4 x 13,4 cm ISBN: 978-3-8482-3222-2 available in any bookstore or online bookstore V.i.S.d.P. Thomas Damran Landsberg was born in 1967 in Bonn, completed a commercial apprenticeship and worked after graduating as Economist, credit and existence establishment specialist over 25 years in the financial sector. He was interested in; from childhood on martial arts and Oriental traditions He studied some of them intensively. The author feels particularly connected the Chinese Qi Gong and the so-called internal martial arts. Thomas Damran Landsberg brings his experience as professional athletes and coaches in various disciplines in its holistic counselling. Today, lives the author in Troisdorf near Bonn and combines his profession in a senior position in a major corporation with his vocation as a holistic counselor, healer and spiritual teacher.