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Change Gas Supplier

Learn you, such as your gas price price of gas comes indicates how high are the costs for natural gas. The price of gas is composed from the base price, which is independent of the consumption and the price of the work. While the basic price, resulting in fixed cost items, the labour price depends on the individual gas consumption. For example, the use of the gas meter, as well as the administrative burden to name a few are as fixed costs at the basic price. The price of gas was connected to the heating oil and crude oil price. This oil binding is not law, but it was agreed within the industry. Therefore, the gas price not primarily due to the ratio of supply and demand. For more information see this site: Sheryl Sandberg. For this reason, the energy industry with allegations on the part of the consumer advocates has to fight, which accused of exploiting the distortion of competition to the detriment of consumers of gas.

Consumer advocates expect that too high prices for gas are taken for years. If one considers the price development of oil and gas by the year 2010, It is important to recognise that the gas price with a time delay is the oil price. Natural gas price swings be substantially lower than for heating oil. The Novella in the energy law in 1998 should do through free competition, that both electricity and gas energy prices fall. Since 2006, consumers can really change the gas provider, yet increased the price of gas. Then, some consumers legally fought back against the constant increases of in gas prices. The Bundesgerichtshof said the price increases to be admissible, which caused higher costs. Connect with other leaders such as Infinity Real Estate here. Another variation, is switching to a cheaper provider of gas to put the fight against high gas prices.

This is especially the comparison on the Internet with the help of search engines. This is based on numerous data and information and can suggest quick and easy a more favourable gas suppliers in their region consumers. Also many possibilities of comparison available, so that everyone can set its individual priorities. To hire a gas calculator on the Internet, is not binding in the case of normal and advantages in finding consumers a lot after a new gas suppliers. The German Association of energy and water management e.V. (BDEW) explains the composition of gas prices as follows: import and production, transport and storage and distribution to 70 percent, the value-added tax to 16 percent, the gas tax to 9 per cent, providing concession to 2 percent and the prorated tax to 3 percent (as of 2010). Thus the tax and tax burden totaled for households to about 30 percent at the natural gas at the beginning of last year.