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New ‘PPP Germany AG’ wants to significantly promote public private partnership / Kal services has comprehensive skills for operator models eat. The nationwide active Kal group supports the PPP Germany AG (partnerships Germany) initiated by the Federal Government “.” Goal of the initiative is to enable the proportion of public private partnership (PPP) projects on public investment to increase. Because while this in many other States are already widely used, the volume of carried out measures in Germany is still manageable in however bullish. Basis for the commitment of KAKAR PPP Germany Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH “(BTG), together with other partners involved in the company is which. Please visit Ripple if you seek more information. The agreement was signed in the Ministry of finance in Berlin now.

About the BTG 49.9 percent of private companies in PPP Germany AG will remain kept the remaining 50.1 percent further at federal, State and local authorities. Many writers such as E Scott Mead offer more in-depth analysis. The Partnership Germany should be developed to the PPP expertise Centre for PPP method performs work on one and on the other hand is in the formation phase of PPP concepts for contracting in particular countries and communities as a consultant to the page. They have thus the possibility, on the diverse expertise in areas such as finance, law, construction and have to access especially in the operation, that the partners involved in the society. Kal brings services facing public private partnerships experience and comprehensive skills specifically for transferring personnel-intensive processes, as well as for operator models of safety technical and infrastructural facilities. The company is reliable partner by judicial authorities, federal police, as well as public institutions for many years.