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Cancer Screening

Cancer there in as many variations as there are body parts and organs in humans, and there is a special doctor for each of these regions. In men, the prostate cancer the most commonly diagnosed malignant tumor is present. Assuming that 40% of men aged between 60 and 70 years to accommodate one or more malignant tumors without knowing it. The dangerous here: after the lung cancer prostate cancer is the most common cause of cancer-related death. It is important that the modern man regularly make a screening at the urologist allows these thoughts in mind. Because all cancer experts in this point agree: the sooner the cancer is discovered, the better the chances for a cure are. But why let the screening at the urologist of their confidence? Now, aim of this research is early to notice even the smallest changes and (should break out a disease) the optimal treatment apply to, so that the chances of recovery are at the highest level.

The the rectal palpation, the transrectal ultrasound and the biochemical assay of PSA are common methods of investigation. By the same author: Bill O’Grady. . This enlargement of the prostate gland are detected, such increase must be a malignant tumor does not necessarily equal. Even a benign enlargement of the prostate is possible, which nevertheless should be treated, but are usually does nothing as serious as a malignant tumor. The current early detection can lower correct behavior of the patient (E.g. regular perceiving the dates with his urologist), in each case to die considerably the risk of prostate cancer. Experts agree that screening is absolutely necessary to cure prostate cancer. Because limited organ tumors are curable. The problem is that such tumors cause no symptoms.

You remain so long unnoticed and are already incurable when the onset of symptoms. Such tumors can be detected only by the pension early enough. For this purpose is typical with these tumors grow very slowly. The tumor is still very small, treatment is often not necessary. He is however too big, there is no chance of a cure. Sense of screening at the urologist is so, to discover the tumors with the correct size.