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Cairns Larger

Cairns has experienced a tourist boom in recent years. In places where previously two-storey wooden house were, are now 10-storey apartment buildings. Cairns has no private beach! A generously designed artificial lagoon makes swimming possible. During the day, the city itself has a beautiful pedestrian zone, many souvenir shops, a port (Thrinity wharf) and with a little luck, a large number of pelicans on the water promenade ready. Should you buy in an air-conditioned environment to, in one opportunity that larger shopping malls now exist in Cairns to. In the evening you should all Visit cases once the Esplanade, the pedestrian zone and the night market.

Excursion options in Cairns and surrounding areas: In the outskirts of Cairns are different Touristenattraktivitaten which can be conveniently carried in the form of day trips. So are possible by boat Schnorchel-dive trips to the great barrier reef or but day trips to the islands of Fitzroy or green Iceland. You can explore the rain forest with a combined cable car train tour. The tour includes an extended stay in the rainforest city Kuranda, which consists entirely of souvenir shops in various streets. The indigenous (Aboriginal) have his own show in a specially created theater, where, with their weapons (Boomerang, spear, bow and arrow,) to demonstrate their skills. The larger Holiday Fund helicopter flights offered for Centre for the great barrier reef from Cairns. Combipix Travel Tip: Combipix advises you to choose that you reach Cairns deadline two days before their camper your stages. On the last day If you use then your mobility and make a day trip from Cairns to Cape Tribulation. This variant could be cheaper you, than to rent a car for the tour in Cairns for a day. If you rented a larger camper have (6 persons and more), we would advise you but to refrain from this trip, because the route runs to Cape Tribulation directly through the rain forest and the streets are partly very closely.