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Bronze Alloys

Bronze The recent alloy obtained by the humans surely meets that he is *bronce*, who had the occasion to carry out itself or to grow in the prehistoric time, essentially known like the Age of bronze. Its position was mainly for the construction of equipment and tools of kitchen and perfection, lasting hundreds of centuries in these basic apparatuses for the common life. With his growth it has been increasing his characteristics and at the moment it is used for the formation of dijes, pendants and in art like different figures. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. recognizes the significance of this. The discovery of the bronze had many advantages for the humans because it animated to the towns to count on many products for the inconvencionales obtaining and sale, getting itself to destine thus for money being expanded the commerce of the international country and, with great relevance in the goods international of several centuries. The style of its production left from the compound mineral copper like malachite or chalcopyrite, along with tin putting itself in a furnace temperate with charcoal. They beat wings minerals with 5 to 10% of consistency tin, because soft coal compressed the natural them and they dissolved more express, these two ingredients are determined with great comfort in nations like Iran and Thailand where there are old woman deposits. They grow different compound that they are seen the bronze in his use in apparatuses, jewelry shop and others, for example: alloys of lead (more resistant), alloys that seem tonca (little transmitting and little employee) and last alloys that seem the silver (are aggravated by sulphur and are very analogous to the silver externally).