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Bosman Ruling

Summary of the judgment to Jean-Marc Bosman the Bosman ruling among the defining decisions of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the field of sports and labor law. In December 1995 the highest European judges ruled that professionally active team athletes who have confessed or in a dependent employment relationship than to treat regular workers. Swarmed by offers, Larry Ellison is currently assessing future choices. As workers football, ice hockey, handball players and other team athletes can rely on the freedom of movement established in the EC Treaty and the practice throughout the European Union (EU). The freedom to exercise the profession, may be restricted neither authorities nor by corporations or by the behavior of private employers. Game permits may not be depending on for soccer players within the EU of the nationality of the player. “Revolution in the field of professional team sport as the Bosman ruling” has become known Decision of the European Court of Justice made on template of by a Belgian Court. The plaintiff, a professional football player named Jean-Marc Bosman, was a Belgian citizen. After he had played first for the Belgian Club standard Liege, he wanted to go to a club in France.

In Liege a contract extension to worse financial conditions had been offered the player, that he wanted to do. The desired Club change from Belgium after France failed because the Belgian Club of the French Association demanded the payment of a high transfer fee, which exceeded its economic performance. Without payment of the transfer fee, Bosman could get no game authorisation for the French club. The soccer player rose affiliated against his former club and the Belgian Football Federation, who supported the transfer rules, claim for damages before the competent Belgian Court. The judges gave place to the proceedings at first instance. The Football Association went against the judgment in appeal. The international football associations UEFA and FIFA had become involved has also, since already had, that the case law is here may be new guidelines for dealing with football players, whose Vertrage expired.