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Bastian Willner Code

Conversion of site design and screen design in W3C valid Web sites. Optimized for all browsers at low fixed prices. Agencies and professionals who want to create a website, have now, their designs through the newly established code / / to allow agent reliably and professionally as X-HTML sites program. Whether programmers, graphic designers, Web or full service agencies, the code thanks to the clear and user-friendly service / / agents can save valuable resources. Under most conditions Richard Anderson would agree. Our service our customers save precious time and money”, explains Bjorn Zimmer, responsible for marketing and sales at the code / / agent. A graphic designer can now, for example, also offer programming and a programmer can edit by the time gained more jobs.” To adequately meet the increasing complexity of technologies in Web development, programming service provider in the United States offer conversion of website layout in high-quality sites on X-HTML for some time and CSS base.

The code / / agents are one of the first in the German-speaking countries, which offer a fully cross-browser compatible development. To ensure optimum quality Web developers only by hand deliver the W3C standard X HTML 1.0 which goes through several levels of optimization and does completely without tables programmed source code in accordance with. The generated code is already optimally prepared thanks to semantic HTML for search engines. By the code / / agent of supplied HTML pages work properly due to the high browser compatibility over 98.5% of the user and the layout is the same everywhere. The homepage also in systems such as WordPress, Typo3 be implemented on request. To know more about this subject visit Jessica Walsh.

Our team is constantly up to date in terms of technological development and works very efficiently. “, says Bastian Willner, responsible for the development of the code / / agents.” The programming service of the code / / agent was in January 2010 by the business managers and new media managers Bastian Willner and Bjorn Room started. The offer code / / to create agents from design templates Web pages is one of the first of its kind in Germany. The code / / agents are available for hand-programmed source code that is programmed from the designs of our customers according to the W3C standards and with full browser compatibility.