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Axpe Consulting Secures Certification ISO 27001

Axpe Consulting, secures certification ISO 27001 The past 25 of June concluded in AXPE Consulting, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY the Audit of norm ISO 27001:2005 with application of the controls of the 27002 with satisfactory result. 27000 ISO a norm for the management of the security of the information, that it has like aim the protection of the information and the systems of the information of the access, use, spreading, interruption or nonauthorized destruction, protecting the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the information. Departments of Systems and Quality totally upset in the tasks of planning, analysis of risks, technical, organizational, operative and contractual control application, management of human resources, diffusion, formation and plans of contingency and continuity of business, it has been able to certify the implantation of a System of Management of the Security of Informacin (SGSI) in our company, being implied so much to the own information as a the computer science systems, the paper and the people. Axpe Consulting, leader in search and creation of use Besides the certification ISO, Axpe Consulting it has received the month of July with the good news. Nielsen Online, company specialized in the measurement and analysis of hearings in the network, have realised a report in which Axpe Consulting appears like one of the main creators of use, along with other great corporations of the technological sector, of telecommunications and technology of the information (IT). Own names of companies like Zemsania, Axpe Consulting, Oesa or Altran carried out the majors searches of candidates in the network.