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At The End Of The Money, Still So Much Month Is Left!

Are you anyway? Are an experience that make more and more people you anyway? At the end of the money, still so much month is left! Every penny is turned around three times, before it is spent on the bare, you should just get. But a negative image hangs on the miser as miser you want are not entitled? It is as if he would have hedgehogs in the Pocket that painful prevent him from any grip in the Pocket to the purse of any participation in the consumer society. Oracle is often quoted as being for or against this. He seems to do so but also any fun in life itself, and not seldom he considered to be so grumpy, grouchy and eigenbrodlerisch. The special offer, however, is considered clever – an attribute which we all of us like to decorate with. The special offer treats herself to some fun and luxury, but he specifically looking for highlights in the huge consumer offer and provides price comparisons, then as a successful bargain hunters still have reserves in the wallet out of the race to go. A way as we all in our region to be clever Sparfuchen, is as follows: we found here in Uelzen a swap or Exchange ring (or whatever you want to call it). A first local Exchange starts at

Everyone is with individual skills and talents on the supply side, the services and may require other services in return. It can not everyone all can, why then the experiences and the skills of other people use and in return offer the native support in their areas of deficit? -Motto: One hand washes the other. Everyone complains of scarce funds, we have nothing to give all, but nothing should prevent us from achieving our desires and dreams, and to protect the own purse strings anyway. We can achieve in Exchange services or goods for other services or goods, as it was popular ages ago. There maybe some offer is demanded (and therefore valuable) than another and thus an imbalance in the Exchange System could, should a neutral and fair scale to assess of the votes and the required service or product as a replacement currency be interposed. Finally, money was invented also to balance out this imbalance in exchange transactions. For more information, Christian Kortke