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Are Still Not Making Money Online

He was right to ask me such question some time ago. Why I’m not winning money in the network? The more I thought about it, more whites came the answers. If you’re still not winning the money you want on the network read on and you will find some useful ideas, product of my own experience. What I am about to say applies equally to small businesses, home based businesses and internet marketeros. The funny thing is that I knew I had to do to earn money on the internet. However it was not doing it! He continued sailing hypnotized around various sites looking for the magic formula that would put money in my account Bank automatically without having to do anything.

How is that it maintained the attitude of avoiding the different steps or actions that would generate money in my business online it? Is it that I wanted my business failure? Do I wanted I failing on the internet? No, no, no! But I kept so comfortably distracted with the latest and wonderful shapes make money on the net that wasted my time reviewing them over and over again instead of building my own business. I only tonteaba with the idea that having links to various products and services on my website would gain money. The first fundamental principle of making money on the net is: not there are traffic not there are profits. Having a web page does not mean that the world take a step to knock on your door. To resolve this, I sent my pages to search engines. For some time, when any of my pages could be in the top ten of search with a keyword, I did some extra traffic. Once he lost this position, traffic ceased. Then I tried to forward this page to retrieve my position among the ten more were found but it was in vain.