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Ancient Greeks

History cease, nothing serious, even when matter and us men were physically. Nothing serious, the self is spiritual when it has movement, without, is only matter, because feelings are moved, the brain moves, reality is real by the movement without this everything ceases to be. Does that not move? In fact everything moves in the universe all young people this is my thinking, I do not believe, you reflect this matter.!! And they do not create everything you tell them. I advise you not to mix the metaphysics, esotericism. It has nothing to do one with the other. For my esotericism is the most ridiculous there, more science and metaphysics investigate causes.

9 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo the issue that we are dealing with in this Treaty, falls on the relationship which has theoretical physics and philosophy. In scientific philosophy we can tackle physics from several points of view. The question is is do you understand by? Physics? as well, after several reflections produce a concept of physics that I think should be taken into account. I think physics is the result of mathematics subordinate to the knowledge of the scientific causes discovered by materialist philosophy. Which represents a reality evident if the argument is scanned in its entirety. For our friend Aristotle physics represents a certain number of beings science, which deals with the substance that possesses in itself the principle of movement and rest.

In philosophy, it is necessary to clarify the concepts that have some darkness, in order to reach clear and obvious truths that are necessary foundations. Ancient Greeks made beautiful contribution to societies, which we have looked through our philosophical enquiry. Us suddenly we can hear a rebuke, which tells us eloquently that very lightly we talk advantageously Greeks of antiquity. This opinion will be received with kindness in order to not enter a the dispute too profound and eloquent. But I am not the first nor the last to express the greatness of the Greek people. I consider convenient to listen to men who tried to better these matters and not like us that we handle them in an ignorant way. Charles Louis de Secondat in the spirit of the laws tells us: 10 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Anaximenes said that the principle is the infinite air. From things which generated Act them, passes, and future ones, the gods and divine things, and that other things occur from that.(DK 13 to 7: Hipolito ref. 1, 7) In their cosmology Anaximenes says that the Earth is flat and rides on air, similarly to the Sun. The Moon and the other igneous stars ride in the air because they are also flat. This idea is a little naive nothing similar to the brilliant idea of the astronomer Aristarchus of Samos, that researchers and historians expose us high abstraction of this great thinker, they say: original author and source of the article.