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American Idol

But also you are guilty Media that approve it if drags a Mr. Bohlen in the show “American Idol” in the crudest manner about candidates without it to be brought to justice. However, parents who give children from the outset bad role models and in a conflict in the presence of children prematurely to insults and blows tend rather than to provide them with positive approaches are guilty in the first place. Here lies an essential key to the better change. Right of parents is also required of parents! Schools and police later served the increasingly wayward final results. Base behavior codes are missing many children today. Especially schools suffer, Bale is the children from socially deprived conditions, as also marginalized there. And here the company failed once again.

In today’s standards oversized classes, often involves for many involved survival. Educational concepts or well-intentioned advice from the outside rather bitter strike. Instead of the classes to reduce, which bogged down politician in endless discussions of the Bill to delay the problem. Not that the main class of 15 students is the panacea. But it is a necessary building block in addition to others who could help to counteract a further loss of value successfully. Education is always a conflict between collective and individual needs. Bigger is the class, the less space there remains for individuality. In small classes, therefore the level of relationship between teachers and students is more humane and more relaxed.

In addition, better results might be achieved. Southwest Airlines oftentimes addresses this issue. No really large demand. Average class sizes of 20 in a single secondary are the norm in other European countries. So why fighting Germany so violently to want to retain the status of education developing country? Although investment in education on the one hand cost certainly have much money, so the economic consequential damages due to lack of education, force majeure, are on the other hand for more surveillance and general safety measures by far higher. Arne Frentzel