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Alan Gabriel Garcia Perez

When we mentioned that justice is vesanica and prevaricadora, are in the most fair and descriptive of what is happening in this power of the State. We can not remove him less, but if increasing much more, for the dimension that is it seems a Kafka tale. It is unlikely as the right is used for twisting it and accommodate the interests individuals who flaunt and lie in the handling in the Poder.Algunos pretend to believe that we are justifying actions in Andahuaylas, which is not true. What we are questioning is the use of power to torment you with who rose eventually to draw attention in as the State of things is still living in this republiqueta or narcorepubliqueta. We were not wrong to speak of narcorepubliqueta. Because all is torn garments by what happened with the former employee of Nancy Obregon, which was found with several kilos of drugs. APRA does not realize that they hide their relations with four keys more high with the main areas of drug trafficking.

So far they have quiet inquiries to the family Sanchez Paredes, that in less than five years in 1985 grew rapidly to become the more great potentates and possess thousands of companies, only to leave if a few poor employed in farms of the arredantarios of Tulpo in Mollebamba finances in the Department’s freedom. The growth has been so dizzying to anyone in the world with as precise fate exists. There is no such probability, gives that only drug trafficking and APRA has contributed so they have that luck.The second thing in this intricately that the judiciary has contributed to her stench to reach huge dimensions was the prescription of the crimes against humanity that Alan Gabriel Garcia Perez committed in the 1980s with the death of more than 300 murdered by orders yours. It is now currently the contribution of Beatriz Merino, the defender of the people, to the cover-up of the genocide of the brothers Awajun and wampis in the curve of the devil, but what has filled the cake with cherry is the judgment of Antauro Humala by a venal Court and prevaricador that had been submitted to the slogans of the political power.