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Adventure Tourism

In recent years, is actively developing adventure tourism – the kind of tourism, which brings together all the travel associated with active methods of travel and outdoor activities designed to get new experiences, impressions, improving tourist fitness and achievement of sports results. The special type is a kind of adventure tourism – namely, extreme tourism, gaining strength around the world. All more people are eager to see the beauty of the underwater world, go down the mountain slope on skis, and even a parachute jump. Despite the fact that this type of tourism each year is becoming more popular, mostly tourists prefer such, is still popular forms of tourism as an excursion, educational, beach, etc. And all because the majority of tourists are unaware that in itself includes adventure tourism, where you can go (and it can be not even travel outside their city) and how much it cost. In Russia, adventure tourism is not as well developed as in other parts of the world, particularly in Europe. Bernard Golden: the source for more info. Active forms of recreation takes on more and more fans among ordinary tourists. Especially popular was the diving, one of the most extreme forms.

Diving addictive. It is dangerous and exciting. It is fashionable. Jumpers and skiers have to make room – the number of divers in Russia and around the the world is growing rapidly. Divers themselves are confident that a better rest than immersion in a 40-meter depth to the heaviest tanks behind, no. When looking at the figures it becomes clear: the spread of diving is comparable only with epidemic. Now the world is almost 20 million certified divers amateurs and 40 years ago there were only a few hundred.

Nowadays very popular skydiving. With the parachute started to jump more than half a century ago, but the mass species holiday, they became only 15 years ago. Additional information is available at Southwest Airlines. Today there are many options for skydiving. This Skysurfing, and group acrobatics, but it is gaining great popularity VASE-jumping. If someone does not like to dive under water or jumping from a great height – then you can try windsurfing, too popular form of recreation. (But it is worth considering that it is a pleasure due to the constant falls in the water and the real possibility of drowning in the sea waves, and also inevitable calluses on his hands.) or to test himself in the alloy by rapid mountain rivers, which is exactly remember. Those who are afraid of water, suitable walking tours. It's too extreme tourism, which is fraught with difficulty and dangers. But the most extreme rest can be called mountain-climbing, where checks both physical and psychological endurance of man. Today, mountain climbing is a whole industry that is uniformly developed and popularized. As a rule, made the ascent to choose summer when the weather allows with minimal losses to reach the target peak. However, lovers of thrills do not stop and winter, and severe weather conditions and avalanches only add visual journey. In the mountains come to test themselves, take risks, overcome everything and get to the top. Sweet taste of victory, even if the climber is not conquered Mount Elbrus, but only wall at the local climbing gym. Climbing equipment is expensive, full-quality equipment will cost an extreme tourist in 1500-2000 to $ However, if you want just once in a lifetime to climb Elbrus, one can take the equipment and rent. Cost of such 10-day tour will be about $ 200 alternative to mountain climbing could be hiking in the caves. Impressions of this trip is usually enough for a long time.